Why choose us? What features do we offer that will make you fall in love with our services?

  • Cheap and feature Enriched hosting
    We offer the best yet cheap web hosting services in India enriched with tons of features such as user friendly cpanel and Plesk control panels, one click aut-installers for wordpress, Joomla, magento, Drupal etc, fast non-overloaded servers, 24×7 friendly and qualified support to help you and many more. Not to forget, our every web hosting plan comes with a choice of Indian, UK and USA datacenter, thus giving you a huge SEO benefit for your website.
  • Reliable and Secure
    All our servers are humanly monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an unscheduled outage, be it a component failure, software crash or connectivity disruption, our monitoring system will immediately notify an engineer having him to get working on the problem that very moment. Reliability doesn’t stop there. We understand that it is crucial to only use reliable and scaleable hardware which is why we only use the highest quality servers.
  • Full Control and Access
    You can manage all aspects of your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By the click of a mouse, you can administer your disk storage, email accounts, directories, cgi-bin, and all the special features that we offer you. Some of such special features include your resource meter and site statistics. You can even add additional features to your account instantaneously, as you need them. You will never have to wait for us to add things like email accounts etc.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
    We are so confident with our quality of services offered, that if we fail to satisfy your web hosting requirements and experience, we promise to refund you your money within 30 days from your date off order. We offer 30 day money back guarantee with our shared and reseller web hosting plans. Your account must be cancelled through our cancellation form within 30 days of your initial activation date.
  • 100% Network SLA Uptime guarantee
    IndiasHost guarantees 100% accessibility for all routing devices and Internet (IP) connections within our network. Customers colocating their own equipment within our network can expect 100% network accessibility to that equipment. Our 100% Network Uptime guarantee comes with industry leading SLA, which can be obtained by contacting our sales department.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
    Our highest priority goal is customer satisfaction. Our team works together with you, to make that possible. If you ever encounter unsatisfactory customer service, please voice your complaints to our group supervisor. We will always strive for the betterment of our primary goal: true customer satisfaction. We understand that our true concern for our clients is something that competitors are lacking.
  • Fast setup and payment options
    We accept any credit or check card with the VISA, MasterCard, Dinner Club logo, along with all major Indian Bank Debit cards, Major Indian Bank Netbanking, Mobile Payments via Paymate and Paypal. We send you prompt notices for successful billing on your card, when credit card is near expiration and as new orders are made — all to make billing as painless as possible for you.
  • Non-Oversold Lightening fast servers
    We at IndiasHost are strictly against over-selling and hence we do not over-sell i.e sell our resources beyond limits. We believe over-selling to be a false way of promoting services and cheating the customers. We respect the trust of customer in us, and hence do not promote anything, that we cannot offer. With high performance servers and a low site-to-server ratio, your site will load fast even during peak usage.
  • Premium Connectivity
    Our servers are connected to multiple Internet backbones, ensuring that our servers are in close proximity to you and your visitors. Because we are connected directly to one of the largest backbones, your website will always be available and fast for visitors to visit from any part of the globe. Further, IndiasHost is the only Indian web hosting company that offers choice of Indian, UK and USA datacenter.
  • Paisa wasool web hosting ­čÖé
    We don’t claim to be the cheapest host around, and we know we’re not. However, we believe you get what you pay for. All of our accounts come with a generous list of standard features, along with almost infinite expandability, and service from our fast, caring, and professional Customer Care team.
  • Lightening fast server Speed
    All of our Web and e-mail servers utilise Intel® processing power and reliable, fast hard drives for optimal performance. All Web servers are specifically configured for Web hosting and interactive application performance and all data is carried over our switched 100Mb internal network and delivered by Cisco® routers to the Internet via redundant connectivity.
  • Honesty and Transparency
    We have no hidden charges whatsoever – what you see is what you pay. You should be aware of very cheap or free services provided by other websites, chances are there will be some untold hidden costs somewhere. Web space in particular could come with pop-up adverts and the hosting company’s own banners – not ideal for the professional website you’re looking for!
  • Free Professional Search Engine Submission
    What good is your site if no one can find you? More than 95% of Internet Users use Search Engines and Directories to find what they’re looking for on the web. Your web site will not show up on Search Engine and Directory query results if it isn’t registered with them. With our free submission offer we will professionally submit your site to the major search engines for free.
  • Lucrative affiliate and reseller programs
    People feel comfortable sending their friends, family, and clients to us because they know that we will not only meet, but exceed their expectations. Why not earn money at the same time? With an affiliate program that offers high income from every sale, and a reseller program designed with the reseller in mind. It just makes sense.
  • User friendly accessibility
    Besides our industry leading control panel, we offer a variety of features to help your site thrive. We run a web-based e-mail client, which allows you to check any IndiasHost’ed e-mail account from anywhere in the world. We also run a web interface for MySQL databases, for those who don’t wish to learn technical commands. We’re ready to adapt to meet your needs. Just let us know.